Supercapacitors Vs Lithium-ion Batteries


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A development in supercapacitors based on contact lens technology could potentially allow electric cars to be refuelled as quickly as petrol ones. A Hertfordshire company Superdialectrics had a technological breakthrough in January 2017, and since then, in collaboration with UK universities, have been improving the product.

Present day supercapacitors have a practical capacitance of 0.3 farad per sq. cm, but now 11 to 20 farad per sq. cm is possible since this breakthrough. These figures demonstrate that similar or greater energy densities are now possible with these capacitors and are now considered a valid low-cost alternative to lithium-ion batteries for energy storage.

If this can be brought to the everyday motorist recharging will take minutes instead of hours ! The new low cost supercapacitors could also be used in other areas as well, such as renewable energy systems.

This technological breakthrough has the real ‘capacity’ for re-energising interest in  electric vehicle ownership !

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