‘Keyhole Surgery’ on RR Jet Engines

RR Trent Engine__#1_  Endoscope_Medical_


MiRoR (Minitarised Robotic System for In-Situ Repair) robotic technology is moving at a pace at Rolls Royce with the introduction of ‘snake’ like robots that can enter inside an in-service jet engine of a commercial or military aircraft and make repairs remotely controlled by a highly experienced and qualified engineer, who is based elsewhere in the world but most likely at Rolls Royce in Derby. Development of these robots is progressing significantly at RR’s facilities in Derby, the technology will save a lot of time and cost within maintenance and repair contracts, improving profit margins.

At Derby they have CAD models to supplement the views from on board cameras on the snake like robots that have 25 degrees of freedom of movement controlled by algorithms assisted by camera & sensors, as they move and contort through narrow gaps.

Presently engineers go on site and investigate stricken planes with a borescope similar to a medical endescope to peer inside the engine through tiny access holes. Repairs ideally are achieved with the engine in-situ using specialised miniaturised tools to clean up engine blade defects for example through the same access holes. This is very skilled work, but the robotic technology enables the process to happen remotely by the same engineer. This technology is also being used in other sectors and is enabling access to environments normally detrimental to humans.

The world is changing and the way we work is changing, this technology is a definite improvement.

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