British Bicycle Land Speed Record Broken

 ARION1__#2_ ARION1__#3_

The University of Liverpool Velocipede (ULV) team, designed & built their recumbent bicycle ARION1 and transported it to Nevada and raced it in the International Human Powered Vehicle Association’s World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2015. The race is held on a 5 mile course on an ordinary road, accelerating up to a 200m flat section where speeds are measured & recorded. The driver of the ARION1 is positioned inside the vehicle’s aerodynamic carbon fibre shell, and sees where he is going using a small video camera mounted at the top of the vehicle.

On 16th of September 2015, Ken Buckley, aiming for the world record of 83 mph fell short but achieved an amazing 69 mph smashing the previous British record of 67 mph held by Rob English since 2002. Later that week Ken broke his own record again with a staggering 75 mph!

Two of the team also received from the Nevada sheriff commemorative speeding tickets for breaking the road’s 70mph speed limit!

Although the team didn’t make the world record this time, they will be returning next year with ARION2 for another attempt.

I wish them all the best

Link to video of the ARION1 in action:

Hope you have a great month

by Mike Osborn


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  1. John Ford says:

    Thanks, Mike

    Enjoyed your Flywheel.

    Won’t pass the final quotation on to Stacia…




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