Bloodhound: Britain’s 1000 mph land speed record attempt

Bloodhound image_side_

You may or may not of heard of this amazing engineering project that started back in 2008. The vision for Bloodhound came from a desire from Richard Noble & Andy Green to break the land speed record and reach 1000mph, to go public with the ongoing design & development, and to promote & inspire the next generation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, through this amazing adventure.

Here’s a couple of short videos to wet the engineering appetite!

Video #1:

Video #2:


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A Chartered Engineer and member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers living in the UK with a passion for engineering design, technology and innovation, peppered with a little humour. Presently running a small engineering design & CAD drawing solutions business, serving mainly London and home counties.
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4 Responses to Bloodhound: Britain’s 1000 mph land speed record attempt

  1. John Ford says:

    Thanks, Mike Enjoyed the link and will follow its progress with interest John


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    • Mike Osborn says:

      Thanks John,
      It looks like they are aiming for November this year to break present record of ~ 780 mph, in S Africa, then examine vehicle for analysis then attempt 1000 mph in 2016
      Let’s hope everything goes well


  2. Nick Cresswell says:

    Thanks for the high speed video. Great bit of engineering. Nick

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