Formula One and buses what’s the connection?

F1 Car_Williams#2                            bus_

Apart from a wheel on each corner, a major break through in technology is being used in both – a flywheel. A re-invention of an old technology if you like! Williams formula one developed an electric flywheel that stores energy on braking which is then released as electricity to power a motor that drives the wheels on acceleration improving the car’s lap times around the circuit. The device has been since proven by Porshe and Audi on the track. The bus companies have also taken on the same technology but for a different reason, to reduce fuel costs by an average of 20%. The system is being developed by GKN who has purchased the technology off Williams and are looking to implement the idea not only in buses but many other vehicles globally. The inherent stop start nature of bus journeys in London and major cities is an ideal application for the energy saving device.  The sharp end of competition once again advancing technology.

by Mike Osborn

Quotation Quota:

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” – Henry Ford

About Mike Osborn CEng

A Chartered Engineer and member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers living in the UK with a passion for engineering design, technology and innovation, peppered with a little humour. Presently running a small engineering design & CAD drawing solutions business, serving mainly London and home counties.
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